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We try to provide our customers with the best products available.  Our rolls and pretzels are fresh the day of use.

Below are the Products that we have to offer:

   Our #1 product is, Diets & Watson all Beef Hot dogs.   They are 100% all beef, we have tried other brands and found that the Diets & Watson brand cooks up nice and plump and tastes delicious.

Drinks are also an important part of our products.  When it comes to soda, COKE is #1.  We try to carry most of the popular flavors.  They are Classic Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Fantago Orange, BR Root Beer, Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper, and NestTea.  Our can sizes are 16 oz.   

                  In addition to soda we also carry bottled water.   Poland Springs is our favorite, but from time to time we also carry Danisi

No hot dog would be complete without a bag of snacks or chips.  We carry an assortment of snacks and chips.  Most popular are the Frito-Lay variety.  The bags are 1 oz in size.

  Our pretzels come from the Philly Pretzel Factory, bought the day they will be sold, to make sure you receive a nice soft fresh pretzel.

 Everyone enjoys a nice cool Italian Water Ice on a hot day.  We carry water ice in several different flavors.  Mango and Lemon are the most popular.  For our private party customers we have other flavors available, like Rainbow and Cherry.

Coming soon more information on our Private Parties and we will be offering a 10% discount on all parties booked from our site.  Use, "WEB10" code for this discount.



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